Patient Access

Aims of the group:


The group aims to improve the access of patients to critical care units in Greater Manchester. The group aims to work with Medical and Nursing and other health professionals to make sure that patients can access critical care when they are critically ill so that their treatment is not delayed. 

The main objectives of the group are:

  1. To improve access to critical care for patients who would benefit from treatments
  2. Share best practice between  Critical Care units in Manchester with respect allowing rapid patient  access to critical care.
  3. Share problems about patient flow to help find solutions to those problems
  4. Bench mark speed of access compare how different units are doing
  5. Produce audit and teaching resources that can be shared with other units
  6. To carry out pilot projects and disseminate their results.

The group is chaired by Jane Eddleston, Consultant and Clinical Director for Critical Care at CMFT, Jane is also clinical lead for the critical care network.

please email her if you would like to join the group 

To access the Google group and Drop Box associated with the group please email




Group Members

Jane Eddleston - CMFT

Gerry Dewhurst - UHSM

Malachy Columb - UHSM

Wendy Clapham - PAT

Donna Cummings - CMFT

Johnathan Greenbaum - SRFT

Alison Keegan - PAT

Serena Tolhurst-Cleaver - Trainee Rep

Sengottiyan Chandrasekaran- Stockport

Vidya Kasipandian - Christie

Anne Gerrard - RBH

Julie Barrett - WWL

Hafiz Rehman - TGH


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Audit Information

Please find below the pilot audit tool for Emergency Admission Audit

Emergency Admission Audit Tool
RiCON Access Group Presentation