Medicine Safety


Aims of the group:

The group aims to share best practice with respect  the supply, prescription, preparation and administration of medication between the critical care units in Greater Manchester. The group aims to work with Medical and Nursing staff as well as pharmacists and other health professionals.

The main objectives of the group are:                  

  • To improve medication safety in critical care units in Manchester
  • Share best practice with respect to medication safety in Critical Care units in Manchester
  • Share problems about medication safety to help find solutions to those problem
  • Bench mark rates of problems with prescription and administration of medications compare how different units are 
  • Produce audit and teaching resources that can be shared with other units
  • To explore using the purchasing power of several critical care units to control costs of medication
  • To carry out pilot projects and disseminate their results

The group is chaired by Emma Boxall, Senior Pharmacist at Salford Royal Foundation Trust

Her contact email address is:

To access the Google group and Drop Box associated with the group please email


Dates for the RiCON Medication Group in 2019:-

All meetings are from 1- 3.45pm 

Thursday 24th January

Thursday 25th April

Thursday 20th June

Thursday 12th September

Thursday 28th November




For more information on glucose control please click HERE 

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The drug library has information on many drugs used in critical care.

To access click HERE

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Insulin safety - Dr Jennifer Beynon
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Single Competency Framework for Prescribing
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Reducing Prescribing Errors
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GM Snatch Box Survey

Allergy Awareness E-Learning Package

Please click on the link below to access the e-learning package developed to increase knowledge and awareness of drug allergy in critical care:



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KCL/ Hypokalaemia Guideline

Emma Boxall - Chair

Karen Berry - Network Lead Nurse

Dr Tina Duff - MRI ACCS

Dr Greg Cook - MRI ACCS

Geraldine Maclean - MRI ACCS

Tony Dunne - MRI ACCS

James Burrow - MRI Cardiac ICU 

Sarah Carroll - MRI Cardiac ICU 

Atia Rifat - Tameside

Dr Emily Shardlow - Wythenshawe

Martin Catlow -  Wythenshawe AICU

Akhila Muthuswamy - Wythenshawe 

John McGuiness - Wythenshawe CTCCU

Janet Jeary - Bolton

Janet Calder - Wigan

Kate Brown -  Wigan

Helen March - Rochdale

Fiona Angus - Christie

Dr  Jonathan Rigg - Stockport

Kate Timlin - Stockport

Jane Sheldon - Stockport

Richard Protheroe -  SRH

Susan Sumner - SRH

Jill Bentley - SRH

Janice Murphy - Tameside

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ICS Standards for Drug Concentrations
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RiCON Medication Presentation

Drug Library

Papers of Interest