Airway Safety

Aims of the group:


The group aims to improve the airway safety of patients in critical care units in Greater Manchester and improve the safety of these patients after they are transferred to other departments while they still have airway devices in place. The group aims to work with Medical and Nursing and other health professionals to make sure that  patients are not harmed as a result of airway miss-adventures. 

The main objectives of the group are:

  1. To improve airway safety for critically ill patients and for patients who are recovering from critical illness.
  2. Share best practice between Critical Care units in Manchester with respect to airway safety.
  3. Share problems about airway safety to help find solutions to those problems
  4. Bench mark aspect of the processes of airway safety  to compare how different units are doing
  5. Produce audit and teaching resources that can be shared with other units
  6. To carry out pilot projects and disseminate their results

The group is chaired by Lucy Bates , Consultant in Critical Care in Bolton ,


please email her if you would like to join the group .

To access the Google group and Drop Box associated with the group please email

Specific Aims Identified:

  • To establish how reliably capnography is used across the network, where it is not used what the reasons are for this. Also to look at the equipment used is and what opportunities there are for improvements.
  • To establish a WHO check list for Percutaneous tracheostomy.
  • To ensure that bed head signs are used for patients with airway associated devices which also keep a record of any intubation difficulties for the specific patient.
  • Standardise the provision of difficult airway equipment in different ICUs and establish the role for disposable fibrescopes particularly where access to bronchoscopes is a problem.


B@ease Rapid Sequence Induction Checklist

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Rapid Sequence Induction checklist

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Percutaneous Tracheostomy Checklist

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Percutanoeus tracheostomy checklist

NCEPOD Report On the Right Trach?

The aim of this study is to explore remediable factors in the process of care of patients (16 and over) who underwent a percutaneous or surgical tracheostomy insertion.

The report will provide comment on:

•    The number, and variability, of tracheostomies performed annually
•    The insertion of the tracheostomy
•    The environments in which tracheostomies are inserted and cared for
•    Routine care of the tracheostomy tubes
•    Changing tracheostomy tubes
•    Emergencies, common complications and their management
•    Decannulation and long term (30 day) follow up
•    Facilities available across hospitals


On the Right Trach? Audit - January 2015


Updated stock list for the Airway Trolley

RiCON Airway Forum

Posters and Presentations:- 

Euro anaesthesia 02 2015
Implementing B@ease
Intubated bed head poster
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Group Members

CHAIR: Lucy Bates RBH

Dougal Atkinson MRI
Hayley Hardiman Wythenshawe
Kathryn Naylor PAT
Richard Templeton Wythenshawe
Sarah Henderson MRI
Tim Baker Wythenshawe
Chris Booth SRH
Harry Chan WWL
Laura Wynn SRH
Andy Ginty RBH
Dawn Saad-Saoud MRI
Lyndsey McGlacken MRI
Antony Minimole MRI
Valerie Poole Stockport

Hilary Eason- MRI

Dates for the 2018 RiCON Airway Meetings:-

Royal Bolton Hospital 


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Standardisation of intubation drugs
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Difficult Airway Trolley list
RiCON Airway Presentation

SAMI - Safe Airway Training

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The SAMI course has been developed to improve the skills of the team involved in managing the airway of intensive care patients.

To access the Pre course materials follow link:


New date for the SAMI Course:


17th October 2017

At North Manchester General hospital SIM lab

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SAMI pre-course materials
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Please click this link to take you to the SAMI website. Please note this is a password protected website. Please email for the password

SAMI Faculty Programme