Paediatric AIM 

The Paediatric AIM course is the most recent additio to the AIM family. This one day course is aimed at health care professionals working in any clinical environment where they come in to contact with children at risk of deterioratig illness.

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Course Information 

The aims of the day are:
  • To optimise clinical outcomes
  • To enhance the knowledge, confidence & performance of teams dealing with acutely ill children
  • To encourage teamwork and communication
  • To promote a multi-disciplinary approach to clinical care


The day is a blend of lectures, workshops and simulated learning which embeds the ABCDE approach to assessment and management of children who have deteriorating illness.

Prior to the course candidates are provided with a comprehensive manual which provides underpinig knowledge to support the day and ongoing learning.

The course prepares candidates to undertake at the end of the day an MCQ and  simulated scenario assessment.

The course dates advertised are accessible for Greater Manchester staff only Details of future courses:

To get more information or book a place on a course please contact: or ring 0161 876 1500

Should you be interested in the possibility of delivering Paediatric AIM within your orgaisation and would like to know more, please contact